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World Bank - Aegean Hawks 1-1
The World Bank and the Aegean Hawks tied 1-1 in a game who's result left neither team satisfied. The Aegean Hawks controlled the first half and took a 1-0 lead, but a miscommunication in the defense allowed the World Bank to score an equalizer and get back into the game. Although the World Bank pressed the Hawks in the second half, they were unable to penetrate a determined defense.

The Aegean Hawks started out the match strong and missed its first scoring opportunity when John Steffans' header sailed just wide after a Christophoros Pirillos corner kick. The Hawks were playing without forwards Panikos Michael and Richard Shaheen, but Kostas Christophi and Christophoros Pirillos pressed the Banks' defence, and midfielders Smith, Araus, Sudhakar, and Steffans controlled the midfield for most of the first half. The Hawks got on the scoreboard in the 18th minute of play when Pirillos volleyed a shot into the World Bank net after the defense was unable to clear a long ball into the box. Head referee Peter Accola denied the Hawks a text-book penalty later in the half when Jon Knight was clipped from behind in the box. As the half winded down, a miscommunication between keeper La Porta and sweeper Karygiannis gave the Bank an unexpected goal and a boost moments before the half-time whistle.

The second half began with both teams trying to assert their will and searching for the go ahead goal. The Hawks, having only one substitute, continued to press forward, but the Bank began to take control of the midfield in the latter stages of the half. The Hawks were more dangerous in the box with Steffans, Williams, and Pirillos missing scoring opportunities, but the Hawks scrappy play cost them two players as Baldwin and Knight saw red and were sent to the showers with 15 minutes to play. Playing with 9 players, the Hawks still pressed forward, and La Porta secured the net with a brillian save in the 85' minute. La Porta's spectacular save recharged the Hawks who refused to yield. The final whistle found both teams unhappy with the final score as a tie in the Premier Division offers no consolation for any team. Newcommers John Steffans, Nate Smith, Nick La Porta, and Marcos Araus were among the top Aegean Hawk players and reflect a record-breaking transfer budget for the team. Veterans Peacher, Knight, Karygiannis, Sudhakar, Wasley, Christophi, Williams, Pirillos, and Baldwin all played well. The Hawks eagerly await the reunion of the William's brothers, Shaheen's return from his honeymoon, the end of Mick Sicre's Vegas convention, and Panikos Michael's speedy recovery.

The Hawks remain undefeated after facing last year's first and third place teams, but this renewed squad is hungry to notch its first victory. After the final whistle, no players were available for comment. Trainer Yannis Manos, visibly distraught would only say "We have a lot of talking to do in the locker room, sorry but there will be no press conference today." In other WISL action, AC Hellas beat Velocity, Maurice Electric beat the British Tigers, and the Dynamos and UAE played to a 3-3 tie. The Aegean Hawks face the British Tigers in a must-win game for both teams.
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Chris Pirillos 18"
La Porta 4


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