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Sept. 7th, 2003: Hawks 3 Capital Blues 0
All in all, an ok showing for the Hawks' first game in the Fall campaign. The team played far beneath its potential, but managed to muster a 3-0 win against a game opponent. After an abysmal start to the half, the Hawks settled down and established a strong possession game. The scoring opened up with long cross from the right flank by outside fullback Josh Jeffries which hopped over the Blues' goalie and onto the foot of a streaking Scottie Hamilton. After numerous squandered opportunities and poor finishing, the Hawks were up only 1-0 at half time. Fifteen minutes into the second half, a poor back pass from Blues' central defender was capitalized on with a scrappy effort to recover possession by Rich Nyren, who quickly found Zeus Martin for a decisive shot to the right corner. Only 5 minutes later, Nyren added another assist finding Zeus Martin to feet about 18 yards to goal. A quick turn and a booming shot low and hard to the right corner left the goalie standing and score at 3-0. Several missed opporunities for the remainder of the game by the Hawks, and one decent opportunity missed by Blues' left the game's final score at 3-0. The Hawks thoroughly dominated the game despite the deficiency in finishing department. Let's hope the first game was all that was needed to dust off the cobwebs.

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Hamilton - 25'
Martin - 60'
Martin - 65' 

Jeffries - 25'
Nyren - 60'
Nyren - 65'

Tatem - 4


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