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September 19th, 2004: Hawks 0 Quilmes 3
The second game of the Fall 2004 season found the Hawks matched up against Premier League newcomers, Quilmes. Eight players were missing from the game for the Hawks, and the team was forced to play the entire first half down a man until a late arrival rounded out a full squad. Needless to say, the Hawks disorganization was evident on the pitch in probably one of the worst performances by the squad in the last five years.

There is not much to say about this game except that many players failed to show and those that did performed far below their potential. Too many players were hung over and the team could not find their shape in the midfield. Quilmes was able to control midfield possession and convert three scoring opportunities. The Hawks, on the other hand, were unable to convert on various scoring opportunities in front of Quilmes' goal. This is a game is a wake up call to the Hawks that they cannot be disorganized and compete in the WPL. Hopefully, guys will show up and compete in next weekend's double header vs. Glover Park and Emerald Knights.

Other WPL Scores on the week:
Dyamos - 1, Village Settlements - 0
Rangers - 0, Emerald Knights - 0

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Anthony Peters - 5

Anthony Peters - CM
Honorable Mention
Craig Cochran - ST




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