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May 9th, 2004: Hawks 2 Dynamos FC 4
A banged up and depleted Aegean Hawks took the field on May 9th in a Mother's Day matchup vs current WPL leader, Dynamos FC. When the Hawks had their legs, they proved difficult for the Dynamos to handle, but in the end the excessive heat, injuries, and a lack of substitutes proved the Hawks' undoing and the Dynamos prevailed 4-2.

The opening half showed the Hawks tormenting the Dynamos with a precision possessing game and a determined attack up the flanks. A brilliant sequence in the 10th minute had Vince LaPorta, fresh from final exams at St. Mary's, serving up a driven, swerving ball from the right corner onto a host of Hawks crashing the Dynamos box. Center midfielder Alan Golden crushed a one-time volley to the upper right 90 in brilliant fashion to give the Hawks the 1-0 lead. It would not last long, however, as Dynamos was quick to counter with a one-time goal of their own in the 20th minute. A ball was served from the left side of the Hawks pitch where it was headed down towards the Aegean Hawks goal by the Dynamos central midfielder, Mounir. While the header was not struck with much velocity, the ball somehow managed to squeak through the legs of stunned Hawks keeper, Anthony Peters to tie the game up. As the first half wore on, the excessive heat was starting to mitigate the Hawks fast paced game, while Dynamos were leveraging their numbers with ample substitutions that resulted in their gaining momentum as the half wore on. In the 40th minute, the Dynamos found the net for the second time after the Hawks midfield was caught pressing and the Dynamos were able to orchestrate a counter attack down the left side of the pitch. A ball was passed to an unmarked Dynamos midfielder about 16 yards from the right side of the goal mouth. He calmly hit a soft, floating shot to the left upper ninety. Hawks keeper was screened by a wall of defensive and offensive players, and was unable to react quickly enough despite the lack of velocity on the shot, which was very well placed. Hawks down at halftime 1-2 after dominating much of the first half play.

The second half proved much the same as the end of the first, with Dynamos by far the fresher team. The Hawks were able to threaten on numerous occasions, but were unable to find the net prior to the next Dynamos goal. In the 55th minute, a Dynamos forward sent a bibbler to the right side of the Hawks goal that was inexplicably mishandled by Peters and leaked into the net. The Dynamos were up 3-1 and did not look back. After the second Dynamos goal, the Hawks fought on bravely, but the heat and a lack of subs were difficult obstacles to overcome. The Dynamos were able to muster another goal off a defensive miscue in the box to go up 4-1. Soon therafter, Hawks center midfielder Alan Golden sent a piercing ball onto the stride of right midfielder Vince LaPorta who blasted a 20 yard rocket to the near post to notch the Hawks second goal of the game in the 75th minute. The Hawks were able to threaten with several other opportunities, including a 18 yard blast from central defender John Stephens that was very well struck, but hit right at the keeper. At the end whistle, the Hawks had gone down with a score that was not reflective of the action on the pitch. Despite having more talent that their opponents, the team could not overcome the disadvantage of injured players, the elements, and a lack of subs.

The team will regroup against a hot Rangers FC team next Sunday at the Polo Grounds in DC, winners over league rivals Village Settlements 5-2 on the same day. The game promises to be intense, with the Hawks looking to prove that they belong in the upper echelon of the league standings. In other league action on the day, La Universitario beat Glover Park 2-0, Bier FC beat UAE 3-1, and LCC beat World Bank 3-2. Hopefully, our wounded players can heal up over the week and the substitution situation will be improved for a better result.
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Alan Golden - 10'
Vince LaPorta - 75'

Vince LaPorta - 10'
Alan Golden - 75'

Anthony Peters - 4
Alan Golden - CM
Honorable Mention
Vince LaPorta - RM




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