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September 25th, 2005: Hawks - 1, Bier FC - 2
The Hawks matched up against long-time rivals Bier FC, back in the WPL after a one-year hiatus, in a night time matchup under the lights at Old Redskin Park artificial turf field in Herndon, VA. The Hawks-Bier rivalry has a long history and while both teams have changed significantly since their last WPL matchup, the game was sure to be a classic. Bier FC was looking to establish itself again as one of the top WPL teams and build on their 7-3 thrashing of two-time WPL champs Glover Park while the Hawks looked to set their season on course after a lackluster 1-0 loss to Quilmes two weeks prior.

It was a very competitive game, with Bier providing the most offensive threat in the opening 15 minutes of the first half. While the Hawks struggled to shake the rust off their two week hiatus, Bier provided waves of attacks down the flanks and were able to notch the first goal early in the 15th minute off a cisp shot from the right hand side of the box that found its way past keeper Pierre Fults for the 1-0 margin. The goal provided a wake up call to the Hawks, who established a strong possession game and were able to take control of the game flow with nice interplay orchestrated by a three pronged central midfield of Alan Golden, Watson Vaughan-Prather, and Mike Goldman. The Hawks were able to capitalize just before halftime on a defensive error by the Bier defense that left Mike Goldman on a one vs. one with the Bier keeper for the equalizer. Halftime score 1-1.

The opening 20 minutes of the second half saw the new 3-5-2 formation and new personnel for the Hawks begin to show well for the first time during the Fall season. Some very nice possession and passing display was evident. However, the tide turned during the last 15 minutes of the game where it appeared that the Hawks began to tire and the momentum swung back in Bier's favor. The Hawks almost took the lead when striker Geoff Thompson unleashed a corker from 30 yards that smacked the crossbar...inches away from the go-ahead goal. As the end of the game wore on, the Hawks looked tired and marking was lax, allowing Bier to threaten several times. The game ended in tragedy, like so many of these classic battles between the two sides, when Bier was able to score seconds from the final whistle off a nice combination at the top of the box culminating in a Bier midfielder finding space in the box for a well-placed strike to the far side netting. Hawks go down 2-1 to one of their arch rivals. The loss was tough, but everyone on the squad recognizes that the talent is there and we have to find a way to play to our potential. This is the most talented Hawks side ever assembled, and with 10 new pieces, it's only natural that a good number of games will need to be played before the chemistry comes to fruition. The Hawks next look to take the pitch against the always dangerous Village Settlements in two weeks. While the second bye week in as many weeks is unfortunate, the Hawks look forward to the opportunity to display their new talent.

Other WPL Scores on the Day: (Next week's added)
Glover Park 1, World Bank - 0
LCC International - 8, Reds United FC - 3
LCC International - 1, Village Settlements - 0
Village Settlements - 2, Rangers - 1
Quilmes - 4, Rangers - 4

Rangers - 3, Glover Park - 0

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Bier FC - 15'
Mike Goldman - 45'
Bier FC - 90'


Pierre Fults - 3

Mike Goldman - CM

Honorable Mention
Eddie Thurston - RB




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