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June 5th, 2005: Hawks - 2, Dynamos - 2
The Hawks faced off against old WPL rivals Dynamos on a searingly hot June afternoon at the MD Soccerplex. The Dynamos have been one of the areas best teams for many years, garnering several State and National Cup (state-level) titles. With the Hawks’ convincing 4-2 victory the season before in recent memory, the game was sure to be a competitive contest. The matchup marked the debut of striker Carlos Garcia, beginning his comeback from an ACL injury sustained in training with the Baltimore Blast. The Hawks were hopeful that the former (and future) A-League standout’s presence would add to the already capable Aegean Hawks scoring machine. Player/manager Jon Knight arrived 15 minutes before kickoff (after driving 6 straight hours from his 10 year college reunion), relieved to see a full squad waiting for ensuing kickoff.

To the game. The game started in good fashion for the Hawks, whose nice interplay resulted in several golden scoring opportunities. Carlos Garcia was sent for an uncontested one-vs.-one with the Dynamos keeper, but somehow was unable to convert in the 10th minute. The Hawks took a blow when team MVP Alan Golden had to sit after 20 minutes after breaking his toe in two places during a tackle. A more than capable Doug Henry replaced his former William & Mary teammate in the lineup to orchestrate the Aegean Hawks attack. In the 22nd minute, Mike Goldman failed to convert his own one-vs-one opportunity with the Dynamos keeper. Flanker Todd Leber missed a shot from 8 yards that normally would have been an easy conversion in the 25th. Tough luck for the Hawks who at this point of the game had the bulk of the good opportunities. The worst blow, however, came in the 25th when center back Yuri Sudhakar rose to meet an oncoming ball and collided headfirst with his colleague in the central defense, John Stephens. Yuri lept to meet the ball from the side and John jumped straight on, unaware of his oncoming teammate. The colllision left Yuri's face a purple mess as he sustained his fifth major concussion, his fourth with the Hawks.

Seeing our good buddy be carted off into an ambulance left the Hawks determined to get the outcome he would have desired. However, it was the Dynamos made us pay for the previous lack of conversion with a goal of their own when their center midfielder was able to smack a driven shot from 15 yards past the outstretched arms of Hawks keeper Anthony Peters in the 30th. The Hawks pressed on with their attack and were rewarded when striker Geoff Thompson was able to punch a ball to the side at the top of the box, looking to connect with Mike Goldman who had made an overlapping run to Thompson’s right. The pass was a little ahead of Mike, but he managed a great effort to strike the ball over the rushing Dynamos netminder and into far side of the goal. Game tied 1-1 at the 35th minute and that’s how it stayed til halftime.

The second half was a heated battle. Both teams had good opportunities, mostly on the counter. The Hawks took control of possession after the first ten minutes or so and really started to apply good offensive pressure. Our efforts were finally rewarded off another breakaway opportunity which found striker Carlos Garcia attacking the goal from the right flank. His recognition of his teammates position left him placing a perfect pass across the mouth of the goal to a streaking Geoff Thompson who was able to bang the goal in with ease and give the Hawks a 2-1 advantage over their rivals in the 70th minute. After the score, the Hawks didn’t show much cause for Dynamos to believe they were going to find the equalizer. Probably the best possession play of the day for the Hawks between the 70th and the 80th minute of the match. However, the momentum was reversed towards the end of the game and Dynamos was able to mount wave after wave of attack. Keeper Anthony Peters made a couple superlative saves and the Hawks were well on their way to the victory. However, in the 83rd minute, the Dynamos were able to launch a counter attack up the left flank and slot a penetrating through ball to their streaking center mid at the top of the Hawks’ box. While the Hawks central defender was marking, he left more space than desired and the Dynamos player was able to turn and chip our keeper for the equalizer. The rest of the game found good opportunities for both teams, but the result stood. Tied 2-2.

The result left the Hawks with no chance to claim the WPL title. However, the team had it’s best season in years finishing with a record of 5-2-2 in the always demanding WPL and tied for second place. With the best goal differential and the most productive offense, the players know that they’ve only scratched the surface of the team’s potential and the future is indeed bright for the side. Expectations are high, and the Hawks will look to establish themselves with a victory in the playoffs and a finals berth at RFK stadium pitch after a DC United game in the Fall. With several players leaving the squad, the team is looking to pick up a couple of new additions to continue the recent trajectory of the club.

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Glover Park 4, World Bank 0
Quilmes 2, Reds United FC 2
Glover Park 5, Quilmes 4
World Bank 3, Village Settlements 0
St. Ides 3, World Bank 3
Village Settlements 8, St Ides 1
Rangers FC 4, Glover Park 0
Rangers FC 3, LCC International 3

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Dynamos - 25'
Mike Goldman - 35'
Geoff Thompson - 70'
Dynamos - 83'

Geoff Thompson - 35'
Carlos Garcia - 70'

Anthony Peters - 4

Geoff Thompson - ST

Honorable Mention
Yuri Sudhakar - CB
Mike Goldman - SM




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