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April 24th, 2005: Hawks 0 Rangers FC - 2
The Hawks faced up against second place Rangers FC in a battle of undefeated teams on Sunday, April 24th at the MD Soccerplex. The 5 PM matchup allowed Jon Knight to arrive "fresh" from his brother's bachelors party in Vegas on the weekend for the match, albeit late. To his dismay, the Hawks venerable player/manager arrived at the field to find his team a man and goal down at the 35 minute mark.

Apparently the Hawks did well down a man at the outset, but the Rangers were able to capitalize on the man advantage off a nice low cross and tap in finish in the box around 30 minutes in. At the 35 minute mark, Jon Knight and Geoff Thompson arrived to round out the Hawks side. In the closing minutes of the first half, the Hawks applied good pressure and were almost rewarded off a slick effort from Geoff Thompson, who danced around a defender and sent a driven, curved shot destined for the inside of the right post to the net, only to be thwarted off an excellent save by the Rangers keeper.

At halftime, down only 0-1 to their opponents, the Hawks were confident that they would be able to muster the goods for a win. The second stanza opened in good fashion for the Hawks, who were able to apply substantial pressure to the Rangers backline. However, the Rangers were not broken and while the more creative and skillful possession was certainly on the Hawks side, the counter attack was on for the Rangers all game long. As the half wore on, the Hawks began to tire from the effort of being a man down and the attempt to tie up the game. After Irving Williams narrowly missed the equalizer off a perfectly placed cross in the 80th minute, the Hawks were lacking for solid scoring chances. A minute before the whistle, the Rangers left no doubt off an 18 yard strike past keeper Anthony Peters into the bottom of the net. Rangers up 2-0 for the final tally of the game. Just not a good day for finishing for the Hawks, who had put on a great offensive display in the first two games. The key for this squad is to get the 14-16 players for each game so that the offensive effort isn't dulled by the fatigue factor. The Hawks will look to rebound in next weeks matchup with Fall 2004 Premier champs, Glover Park.

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Rangers FC - 30'
Rangers FC - 90'


Anthony Peters- 3

Mike Williams - CM

Honorable Mention
Justin Bodiya - MF




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