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May 15th, 2005: Hawks - 4 vs. St. Ides - 2
The Hawks took the pitch on May 15th, 2005 against WPL newcomers, St. Ides looking to add to the win column. St. Ides had failed to win in 5 matches after a transition from rival league, NVSL, but much of their performance had to do with hard luck and injury. They certainly were a side to respect, and a depleted Aegean Hawks side, missing 6 starters and several other key players, was tasked with getting the job done.

The Hawks scored first in the 30th after a brilliant effort by Geoff Thompson to chip the keeper bounced off the post and Irving Williams was there to capitalize. Saavy veteran Irving Williams was up to his magic again in the 40th, earning a PK after being chopped down in the box. Alex Brown stepped up to convert the kick with ease. Hawks up 2-0 at halftime. The team picked up where they left off after the second half kickoff as Alan Golden ripped a free kick into the net from 18 yards out. Sensing more was coming, Alan proclaimed that he wasn't done yet as he trotted back to the endline. He wasn't kidding, because minutes later he danced around two defenders and blasted a laser of a shot near post from 15 yards at the edge of the box, the goal of the day.

After claiming the 4-0 lead, the Hawks got a little lazy on D and let St. Ides back into the game with two goals. The first St. Ides goal was nice...a diving header that was driven with pace to the far side netting. The game was never in doubt and the Hawks held on and happy for a 4-2 victory considering the absence of many of the better players on the team. The Hawks have a rough two game weekend ahead when they take on LCC and Quilmes. Last season, these opponents beat the Hawks by a combined 8-0, making revenge a factor in many of the players minds.

Other WPL Scores on the Day:
LCC - 2 vs. Reds - 1
Quilmes - 5 vs. Village Settlements - 3

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Irving Williams - 30'
Alex Brown - 40'
Alan Golden - 50'
Alan Golden - 55'

Geoff Thompson - 30'
Irving Williams - 40'
Geoff Thompson - 55'

Anthony Peters - 5

Anthony Peters - GK

Honorable Mention
Alan Golden - CM




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