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May 22nd, 2005: Hawks - 4, Quilmes - 1
A tired Hawks team tried to shake off the soreness from a WPL league game vs. LCC the day prior and get a strong result against Quilmes on Sunday, May 22nd. Quilmes had beaten the Hawks 3-0 the season prior when the Hawks were forced to play the entire first half a man down, so revenge factor was in the minds of players. However, the Hawks disorganization prior to kickoff was again evident as the team was forced to start out the match a man down despite a 10 minute delay.

For the second consecutive day, the Hawks played well despite the man disadvantage and controlled the tempo of the game. When the 11th man came in after 10 minutes gone, the Hawks quickly stepped up with some results. The first goal saw Craig Cochran sent to goal off a nice through ball from flanker Jon Knight. Craig took on the keeper, then slotted the ball to Will Phouminh for the uncontested tap-in at the 15 minute mark. Will Phouminh was again a beneficiary in the 25th off the nice cross from Justin Bodiya. While his one-time volley was snuffed by a Quilmes defender, his second attempt found the net off. Hawks up at halftime 2-0.

In the second half, the Hawks struck again when Justin Bodiya was able to convert yet another Alan Golden through ball to get the Hawks up 3-0 at the 60 minute mark. A second yellow to Justin Bodiya at 70 minutes gone added some steam to the Quilmes attack, yet they were unable to break the Hawks solid defensive unit of Yuri Sudhakar, Jon Knight, John Stephens, and Joe Massie. They scored their lone goal after an odd collission between three players squirted the ball onto the feet of a Quilmes forward for the uncontested one-on-one at the 75 minute mark. Quilmes kept applying pressure, but it was the Hawks that were rewarded when Will Phouminh was able to take advantage of a flat Quilmes backline and convert the through ball from Craig Cochran for the 4-1 margin and the hatrick at the 85th minute mark.

Good result considering the disorganization factor and the fact that almost all players on the pitch had played the full 90 a day prior against LCC. The last remaining WPL matchup of the season will be against Dynamos on June 5th at the soccerplex. The Hawks look for a top seeding in the playoffs and to capitalize on last season's 4-2 win over Dynamos for the needed victory.


Other WPL Scores on the Day:
LCC International - 1 vs. World Bank - 0

Dynamos - 5 vs. Glover Park - 1
Rangers - 3 vs. Village Settlements - 0
Reds - 8 vs. St. Ides - 0

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Will Phouminh - 15'
Will Phouminh - 25'
Justin Bodiya - 60'
Quilmes - 75'
Will Phouminh - 85'

Craig Cochran - 32'
Justin Bodiya - 25'
Alan Golden - 60'
Craig Cochran - 85'

Anthony Peters - 3

Will Phouminh - ST

Honorable Mention
Alan Golden - CM
Yuri Sudhakar - CB
Craig Cochran - ST




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