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October 11th, 2009
Aegean Hawks FC Coach Doug Homer Recognized as 'USASA National Coach of the Year'
Team also recognized by Arlington County Board for 2009 National Title

Mesa, AZ

At USASA Midyear Meeting & Soccer Summit in Mesa, AZ, USASA Men’s National Select Team Coach Aleks Mihailovic presented the 'National Coach of the Year' award to AHFC Coach Doug Homer in recognition of his role in helping the team win the 2009 USASA Amateur Cup title on July 27, 2009. The candidates of the award were the four regional coaches of the year and Doug was selected as a finalist through his nomination as Region I Coach of the Year.

USASA National Coach of the Year, Doug Homer - pictured second from right

September 29, 2009

Aegean Hawks FC Recognized by Arlington County Board for 2009 National Championship
Arlington, VA

In recognition of the Aegean Hawks FC's tremendous achievement in winning the 2009 USASA National Amateur Cup title, Arlington County Board Chairman Barbara Favola presented the team with an official proclamation from the County Board. Team President Jonathan Knight and Board Member Barry Gudelsky accepted the award on behalf of the team in the Arlington County Board Room. The proclamation states as follows:

WHEREAS, in 1996, local Greek and Cypriot university students established the Aegean Hawks Football Club; and
WHEREAS, the club has called Arlington home for more than 10 years and play on turf fields within the county for league and national tournament competition; and
WHEREAS, the Hawks mercurial rise to the top amateur soccer division in the Washington DC metropolitan area has yielded a reputation for excellence; and
WHEREAS, the original Greek and Cypriot members are no longer playing, the remaining members continue the strong winning tradition of the club; and
WHEREAS, the goal of the club is to compete at the highest level while enjoying the game and all its benefits; and
WHEREAS, on Sunday, July 26th, the Aegean Hawks Football Club won the USASA National Amateur Cup title; and
WHEREAS, this is the first major title for the team and the first amateur soccer championship for a Washington, D.C. area men’s team in more than 20 years;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Barbara A. Favola, ask the residents of Arlington, Virginia, to congratulate the Aegean Hawks Football Club on this major accomplishment.

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Doug Homer
2009 USASA National Coach of the Year

Aegean Hawks FC
Arlington County Board Recognition



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